We have a number of courses to offer our students. We have an ensemble for students of every ability level. If you have any questions regarding which class is ideal for you, just contact Mr. Schmidt!

It is the goal of the Pasco Middle School Music Program, to create an environment, through music and the arts, that will foster, challenge, motivate, develop and demand our students to become responsible young adults. This program is dedicated to achieving excellence in our musical and educational endeavors. We believe band combines the best of music, leadership, dedication, and maturity while still having fun.

Mr. Schmidt’s Schedule:

1st Period – 7:30 – 8:20 Exploring Music Through Performance

2nd Period – 8:23 – 9:13 Planning

3rd Period – 9:16 – 10:09 Beginning Band

4th Period – 10:12 – 11:05 Exploring Music Through Performance

5th Period – 11:08 – 12:01 Homeroom and Lunch

6th Period – 12:04 – 12:57 Symphonic Band

7th Period – 1:00 – 1:50 Exploring Music Through Performance

Beginning Band

The Beginning Band is open to all Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade students who have no previous band experience. Prior instrumental music experience is not required. The Beginning Band performs at the Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and Solo & Ensemble.


Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is for students who have already completed Beginning Band. The Symphonic Band performs at the Winter Concert, Spring Concert, MPA, and Solo & Ensemble.

Marching Band

The Marching Band performs at home football games and various parades throughout the year. It is part of the Symphonic band.