Hello Pirates, this is your principal Ms. Gilbert, at Pasco Middle School with information and our calendar of events for next week.

This week I would like to share a message from our parent volunteer coordinator Alma Uy (almauy.RN@gmail.com):

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is May 8th through May 12th. “Great teachers bring powerful learning experiences to students through innovative, engaging, and personalized approaches to teaching” (from The District School Board of Pasco County Proclamation). We are encouraging parents and business friends to join us in recognizing our teachers and staff for continuing to challenge and inspire our students.

Pasco Middle School is designated as a Title 1 school. Our teachers and staff dedicate themselves to fulfilling the county mission of providing world class education to all our students. We seek your assistance in appreciating and supporting our devoted teachers and staff. We are looking for any of the following:

  • Food items (snacks, soda/water/coffee/etc., meals)
  • Prizes, Gift Cards or gift certificates for teacher giveaways and/or raffles
  • Straight donations to go towards purchasing any of the above

If you are a business friend or a parent who donates $100 or more, your donation would also include two weeks of recognition on our school marquee, our website, and our school newsletter. Pasco Middle School holds a tax-exempt certificate and we would be happy to provide that information for you to claim as a qualified donation.

Please contact Pasco Middle School for any questions at (352) 524-8400 or email our volunteer parent coordinator Alma Uy at almauy.RN@gmail.com. We sincerely appreciate your consideration and support of our teachers and staff.

The Pirate Press Parent Newsletter is posted on our school website and social media sites for this week and contains additional important information. The information with the days below is a highlight of events for the upcoming week. Please make sure you review the Pirate Press Parent Newsletter every week.

Link to the newsletter: https://www.smore.com/65fxk

Tuesday there is a School Advisory Council Meeting at 8:00am.

Monday through Wednesday there is track practice from 1:35-3:00pm.

Thursday there is a track meet against Rushe Middle at Sunlake High School at 5:30pm.