Guidance and Student Services


  • Kathy Carreño 524-8435
  • Registrar – Katie Juarez 524-8431
  • Secretary – Laura Portelli 524-8430

Our Goal is to help each child be academically, personally and socially successful.

We do this through:

  • Individual and Small Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Presentations
  • School-wide Presentations
  • Conferencing with Parents
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Agency Referrals

We teach students the skills they need to make good decisions and to solve problems independently.

Guidance appointments are made by:

  • Student Requests
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Parent Contacts
  • Administrator Assignments

Developmental Classroom/School-wide Guidance Programs include:

  • Transition to Middle School
  • Friendship
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Grief and Loss
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Study Skills
  • Violence Prevention
  • Transition to High School
  • Careers
  • Peer Pressure
  • Stress Management
  • Bully Control

Anti-Bullying Policy

Click here to read our policy. Click here for the Incident Report.

Reporting Child Abuse

Click here to open a new page to read the child abuse pdf file.

Reporting Professional Misconduct

Click here to open a new page to read the professional misconduct pdf file.

How to Stay Informed About Your Child’s Progress:

  • Check you child’s planner each day and ask questions
  • Communicate with the teacher through notes you write in the planner
  • Call or visit your child’s teacher with specific questions

Information on Grades:

The School Calendar in your child’s planner lists the dates for progress reports and report cards for the year. Each quarter your child will receive a Progress Report in mid-quarter and a Report Card at the end of the nine week quarter.

Ways to Help Your Child:

  • Check the planner every day
  • Show how to organize things
  • Understand that middle school students are constantly changing
  • Never give up on your child
  • Have high expectations
  • Expect responsible behavior
  • Observe changes in behavior, friends, activities, and/or grades
  • Listen with an open mind
  • Respect teachers and the school environment
  • Make a routine study time
  • Organize tasks and projects
  • Gather for weekly “family time”
  • Be your child’s biggest cheerleader
  • Encourage your child to try — know that efforts pay off
  • Be positive and consistent
  • Stay in touch with teachers
  • Make sure school comes first

Stay involved in your child’s education! Your PMS team is here to help.

How to request a team conference?

Contact your child’s team leader by visiting or calling PMS at 524-8400. Counselors will attend the conferences if they are requested.