The faculty and staff have focused on behaviors that are appropriate within the school setting and teachers and administrators have decided on interventions which they believe are appropriate when modifying student behavior.  Specific expectations and methods of modifying behavior will be reviewed with students in a team setting.  Teachers will ask for parental assistance when students exhibit inappropriate behavior.

There is never any need to resort to violence when dealing with others!  Problems must be reported immediately to any adult staff member; that person will see to it that help is received.  Fighting, bullying, intimidating, threatening or harassing will not be tolerated.  Students who engage in such acts will be immediately suspended and all legal authorities will be notified.

Students in possession of tobacco products are subject to a citation and $25.00 fine.

External speakers are not permitted to be on campus.

Students may not bring drinks purchased outside of school into classrooms or hallways. They may however consume these products in cafeteria during their lunch hour. Water bottles are permitted.


The teachers and staff of Pasco Middle School have the highest expectations for all of our students and have adopted the following general guidelines for dealing with those who become disruptive to the educational process:


Loss of Privileges

Detention(s)/ Lunch Detention(s)/ Work Details(s)

Meeting with Counselor and/or Administration

Contact with Parents

Alternative To Suspension (ATS) after school intervention

In School Suspension (ISS)

Out-of-School Suspension.

Teachers will record warnings and time outs and will make the decisions as to when to refer students for team meetings.  Parents will be asked for their help, suggestions and support in solving problems.

Students who speak profanely, obscenely or abusively to staff members will be suspended out of school for up to five days.  Students who willfully engage in fighting will be suspended out of school for up to ten days.  Exceptions will be made only for cases in which such actions are restricted by state and/or federal statute.