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AVID Binder 101

Click HERE for a video tutorial for the binder set-up.

Maintaining the binder is a school wide expectation for each and every Pasco Middle student. That binder should be the first thing on a student’s desk when they enter a classroom. That binder should be what they flip through every night for ABC time (Arrange_Browse_Complete).  Students may use Pirate Plus time to monitor and maintain the use and organization of the binder.

  1. Binders were distributed to each student 1st period on Tuesday August 13th.
  2. Teachers discussed why we need to be organized and use a system of organization.
  3. Each binder has a pack of dividers to go with it.
  4. Two yellow pages titled: Focused Note Taking and Academic Language Scripts have been provided.
  5. If a student did not receive a binder, please see Student Services.
  6. ALL STUDENTS WILL SET UP THEIR BINDERS THE SAME WAY (with the exception that their divider labels will be their class names in order).
    1. Blue Front = Home/School
    2. Blue Back  = Pirate Plus
    3. Green Front = Academic Language (put the yellow paper in this folder)
    4. Green Back = FNT & Marking Up (put the yellow paper in this folder)
    5. Pink Tab = name of 1st period
    6. Pink Front = To Do (should contain only things to do for that class within the next day or so)
    7. Pink Back = Resources (reference sheets, current notes, and other class specific year-long/long term info)
    8. Orange = 2nd period (same system as 5,6,7)
    9. Yellow = 3rd period (same system as 5,6,7)
    10. Blue = 4th period (same system as 5,6,7)
    11. Green = 5th period (same system as 5,6,7)
    12. Pink = 6th period (same system as 5,6,7)
  7. We are labeling two ways – write on the provided paper labels AND use a Sharpie on the pockets.
    1. The file for printing the labels is HERE (Binder Labels) if you’d like to print from home.
  8. View this 6 minute video tutorial as a resource while setting up the binder.  The video will walk you through the set-up step by step.   https://youtu.be/etL3bVUTYYU
  9. The class syllabus should go in a sheet protector behind the class divider.
  10. Other content from classes goes behind the sheet protector, with most current staying on top.
  11. Interactive spirals and pencil pouches should NOT be kept in the binder.
  12. Students shouldn’t need to use folders, especially since we have dividers with pockets.


ABC Strategy (Arrange – Browse – Complete)

Each evening, students should flip through the binder and planner using the ABC strategy. ABC Strategy Teachers should use this strategy to help students learn that not all homework is completing a task. Reviewing assignments or notes from the day, even if it isn’t assigned by the teacher, is just as important. Students benefit most when the teacher agenda board distinguishes what they should be doing in class, reviewing at home, and completing at home.