Yearbook Pre-Orders (Updated 5/15/2020)

Information Updated 5/15/2020
Yes, we still have a yearbook this year.  One of the purposes of a yearbook is to document memories from that school year and I think we can all agree that this has been a very memorable year and have included some COVID-19 coverage within the pages to be able to look back at in the future and say, I remember when……
Our yearbooks are estimated to be delivered in early July.  We will work to figure out a plan for distribution once we know an exact date of delivery.  We will communicate that plan through the phone call home, social media, and our website.
Pre-Order Your Yearbook Now — You can still pre-order yearbooks by using the ACORN student fee link through your student portal ( OR you can pre-order directly from the yearbook company by visiting
             * Yearbooks are $45 and will be delivered in May or June.  They’re first come first served and we order 250 of them.
             * The only way to ENSURE a student will get one is to pre-order.  Otherwise, we sell what we have left.
Email Kristina Kassabaum ( with questions.
Thank you!