Hello Pirates, this is your principal Ms. Gilbert, at Pasco Middle School with information and our calendar of events for next week.

Progress Reports have come and gone, and we are well on our way to the end of 1st quarter. The district has started sending notifications to families when their student has a grade lower than a C in one or more classes. We appreciate your partnership in checking in with your children about their progress at school and assisting us in getting them and/or keeping them on track for middle school promotion! An additional element of success is making it to each class on time. Every minute counts! If you have questions about the status of your child’s progress and/or attendance, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

The Pirate Press Parent Newsletter is posted on our school website and social media sites for this week and contains additional important information. The information with the days below is a highlight of events for the upcoming week. Please make sure you review the Pirate Press Parent Newsletter every week.

Link to the newsletter: https://www.smore.com/d38pg

Monday and Wednesday, Cheer Practice is from 1:45-3:00p. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Football Practice is from 1:45-4:00p. Thursday, Football Practice is from 2:15-4:00p.

Monday there is an away Girl’s Volleyball game against Centennial Middle at 6:00p.

Tuesday there is a home Football game against Pineview Middle at Pasco High School at 6:30p.

Thursday there is a home Girl’s Volleyball game against Weightman Middle at 6:00p.

Have a great weekend!