Good evening Pirates, this is Mrs. Johnson with some important information for the week ahead.

Please make sure you are reading each of the announcements that your teachers are posting in your courses. They are putting important information in there to help you with your classes.

Everyone should have logged onto each of their courses this week. All courses should now be on your dashboard. If you haven’t logged in to one of your courses, please do so before Monday morning.

We have added a couple new things to our website. If you ever want to revisit a week ahead message from me, you can go to our website and look at the top for PMS school news. That tab will have a link to our school news and the week ahead messages that I’ve put out.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the discussion tab, email, or call your teachers. We are all here to help to make this a successful time.

Thank you and have a great evening!