How do I handle…

Situation Where to Go When to Go
Absence from School First Period Teacher Upon Return
Absence – (to pre-arrange) Main Office Before School or During Lunch
Report Card Questions Subject Area Teacher
Failure of Restroom Facilities Main Office Immediately
Fees or Bills Main Office Lunch Period
Illness or Injury Clinic With Teacher’s Permission
Late to Class Classroom Teacher Immediately
Late to School Main Office After 7:50 A.M.
Leave Early Permit Main Office Before School
Lost/Found Items Main Office/Cafeteria Lunch Period or Passing Time
Personal Problems Guidance On Appointment
Schedule Problems Guidance On Appointment
Transfer or Withdrawal Guidance As Needed




A withdrawal form must be obtained from the guidance office.  The form must be completed. All books must be returned, and all outstanding bills paid. Notification of student withdrawal must be made by a parent or guardian.



Every parent must complete an emergency information card and return it to school if the card was not completed at the time of registration.  This card must be kept current.  If there is a change in home address, home phone number, employment address or phone number, the Main Office should be notified. This information is important since it is used in an emergency situation.



The school board does not carry insurance to cover student accidental injury. It is strongly encouraged that all students purchase school insurance.  Insurance claim forms are available from the Main Office.



The clinic is located in the main building and is accessed from the back courtyard.  Minor first aid treatment will be provided in the clinic. If your injury or illness is severe, your parents will be called to the school to pick you up.  Every accident in the school building or grounds or at a practice session must be reported immediately to the person in charge and to the clinic.  Except in extreme emergencies, the student should have a clinic pass signed by a teacher. Only prescribed medicine may be administered in the clinic, and it must be checked in to the Health Assistant before school.  Medicine must be in the original prescription container and accompanied by the parent/guardian.  The parent/guardian must complete appropriate paperwork and be present during the counting of the medicine.  Students are not permitted to be in possession of either prescribed or over-the-counter medication while on school grounds.