Benefits of Pasco Middle School Cambridge Secondary 1:

  • Advanced Rigorous Curriculum
  • Pasco Middle Cambridge Curriculum meets Florida Standards while going further in depth
  • Requires application of knowledge, higher order thinking and critical thinking skills
  • Cambridge Club where students get tutoring, form study groups and organize volunteer work
  • Students can earn high school credit while in middle school in Algebra, Geometry, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2

Pasco Middle School Cambridge Secondary 1 prepares students for success in the Pasco High School Pre-AICE and AICE which includes benefits such as:

  • Students can be awarded up to 45 hours of college credit at all public universities and colleges within the state of Florida
  • American universities responded enthusiastically to AICE
  • An AICE Diploma along with 100 community service hours, qualifies students for the maximum Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars tuition scholarship
  • Prepares students for the rigor of college
  • Allows students the flexibility to study their interests and strengths at deep levels