8th Grade EOY Activities Information

Dear Parents:

It’s hard to believe that the 2017-2018 school year is at its halfway point. As we progress through the rest of this year, you will see your child’s second semester is filled with many exciting milestones and memorable events. Your 8th grader will continue making the transition to becoming a high school student, and we wanted to take a moment and provide key information and an outline of the activities for second semester.

8th Grade Activities

Field Trip

The 8th grade team continues to work very hard to place the finishing touches on the much anticipated eighth grade field trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure on May 4, 2018. The cost of this trip is $120, and covers entrance to park, charter bus transportation, meal voucher and a GradVenture shirt. Students can bring money for additional food, beverages and souvenirs. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE FIELD TRIP.


More information about the date, location and time of the 8th grade dance will be sent home. Dress code is as follows: Boys are expected to wear long pants (no jeans) and a shirt with a collar. Girls are asked to wear a modest dress with straps.

Awards Ceremony

Families of our 8th grade students will be invited to a special awards ceremony. This event is free of charge, and students will be asked to dress up for the occasion. More information will be sent home as we near the end of the year.


8th graders wishing to participate in end of the year activities must meet certain criteria to be considered eligible. The eligibility criteria are as follows: students may not have an “F” on the last day of eligibility, and 1 or fewer Level 1 referrals. Eligibility periods are as follows:

Field Trip: February 12th – March 15th Dance: May 1st – May 18th

Thank you for the opportunity you have given Pasco Middle School staff to work with and teach your child. We look forward to the exciting and memorable events coming in the months ahead.

Payment for the field trip will be accepted until April 3rd. Students can bring their cash or checks to Mrs. Borders’ room (Building 3 room 212), or payments can be made online through the new payment program- ACORN (visit the Pasco Middle School webpage for the link).

Please contact Jenny Borders (jborders@pasco.k12.fl.us) for any questions.



8th grade Activities Committee




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